> New York Fall 03

Lulu smiles.
laundry, carroll gardens.
brooklyn bridge, by car.
j & t
lulu & chris
del & drew
late night hugs
park slope, sunday afternoon.
robert scott, and his new dad.
the first family of foodies.
central park ducklings
they're pretending to ski because i made them.
so deep in thought.
tulip bulbs, central park.
alex and sonnet on the 1/9.
east river, by train.
charlie brown's ear.
me, in a sibling sandwich.
that big purple dinosaur we love to hate.
miss kitty, with shoes.
because everything looks better on the flocati.
the boys.
who's in more pain?
lip gloss, anyone?
who's that freak in the back?
nice volvo.
post-thanksgiving meal christmas tree photo op
that's my pink sweater.
i have no explanation for that.