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When my dear WWII vet Grandad died, it was also no surprise. He took me for Eskimo pies whenever I wanted, and also whenever he wanted. There is something just pure sad in a Grandfather's death. I had no issues with him whatsoever, no difficult parental things, just mutual affection from start to finish. I believe I am the last person he saw, and I hope that gave him something for his long journey, to see in someone pure love. He was the sort of person who loudly expressed his disapproval of a lot of things done by a lot of people, in the family and out, and he made people crazy by just sort of chuckling when I did the sorts of things he disapproved of. I have been missing him lately, thinking of how he would greet me when I came for a visit ("You're here?") and how he would nudge me at the dinner table if he was giving someone a hard time, like "watch this, he is going to get all mad, won't that be fun?" But it isn't so painful to think of him anymore, more grateful that I had him, and happy to remember him. Lots of bad things go down in life, but a great wonderful grandfather is a big gift, even though we can't keep them as long as we'd like. I am happy for you that you had him, and sorry for your loss, and how sad it feels. Good job on the obit, there is a lot of love and honor of him there, which he surely merited, and merits.

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